Say Yes to The Wedding Insurance

Your wedding is precious; protect your big day with Sacramento, CA wedding insurance.When to Buy Wedding Insurance Sacramento CA

The average wedding budget in Sacrament, California $36,990, which to put it lightly, is a large amount of money to spend on one day. With that said, taking out an insurance policy on the happiest day of your life might seem like a wise move.
The Fundamentals
Basic policies that cover the usual unwanted disasters such as losing rings, injuries, inclement weather, are not that expensive. Said policy can range from $155 to $500, which, all said and done, is less than the floral arrangement your mother made you choose.
Before you buy, know what coverage you are acquiring and what exactly you are not!
Know your Limits
Many premiums have deductibles that must be met before the insurance company will start covering expenses, and some coverage is capped at certain dollar amounts. You can view all of these details on the fine print of the policies.
(Less-Than-Predictable) Northern California Weather
Most basic policies cover weather-related delays, but some insurers may not consider a tropical storm on the same level as an ice storm that shuts down the entire city. If there is black ice covering the city, but your insurance doesn’t kick in until there are two feet of snow, you will be left skating to the Church.
Lack of Coverage
While insurers generally won’t cover weddings if the bride or groom skips out, there are “change of heart” policies that you can purchase on their own (or ensure your fiancé does not get cold feet on the day!). Similarly, engagement rings may not be covered but your wedding bands should be.
Home Reception
If your wedding or reception is at your home, any incidents should be covered by your homeowners insurance. Be sure to contact your insurance agent to find out how far coverage extends.
While you can buy wedding insurance as soon as 12 hours before your nuptials, but the sooner the better. For wedding insurance in Sacramento and neighboring cities in California, visit Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Our insurance agents can guide you through the best policy for you and what coverage you will attain! Call us today.