What Does Workers’ Compensation in Davis Cover?

What Does Workers' Compensation in Davis Cover?

Workers’ compensation in Davis can save you and your business from a rather nasty lawsuit if your employee gets injured or sick while on the job, and they feel your negligence was responsible. 

Workers’ compensation in Davis covers the expenses that are associated with an employee’s work-related injury or illness. This can include some immediate costs like the ride in an ambulance to the ER or more long-term costs like rehabilitation or lost wages. And, if necessary, there is a portion that can cover the legal costs should that employee decide to sue. Here are a few things that workers’ compensation in Davis can cover for you and your business.

  1. Medical Costs – Your business should take every measure to prevent any accidents before they occur. But to err is human and someone is bound to make a mistake. If an employee, while on the job, gets injured or ill, you will be held liable. Workers’ compensation covers the medical costs associated with that injury or illness.
  2. Lost Wages – If your employee gets injured for the long-term, they are going to have to miss work, and that means lost wages. Workers’ compensation covers at least a portion of their income to make sure they don’t fall behind on their payments.
  3. Legal Costs – If an employee blames you for their injury or illness, they are within their rights to sue you. Workers’ compensation can cover the costs of these legal fees. (Note: The “exclusive remedy” can help prevent lawsuits as an employee gives up their right to sue if they agree to the benefits.)

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